HDS USA, LLC has completed the transaction of purchasing the ownership position of Dr. Jeremiah Sullivan, President of Sullivan & Associates of Harrisonburg, Virginia in Fosfoquim USA, Inc. Partners Jeff Coleman and Jay Coleman of HDS USA, LLC, Reserve, Louisiana (USA), are excited to join Dr. Franciscus Horn of Fosfoquim S.A., Padre Hurtado – Santiago – Chile in this exciting venture.

Fosfoquim USA, Inc. is responsible for the marketing, sales, and service of the Horn Diluphos System™ (HDS™) fumigation application technology in the United States.

The Horn Diluphos System™ is a revolutionary fumigation application technology that safely and effectively blends pure cylinderized phosphine (Vaporph₃os™ - Cytec Industries, Inc.), directly with air to safe and effective levels below the lower flammability limit (LFL), allowing its’ direct injection from outside of the targeted structure without risk of ignition. This unique introduction of phosphine avoids the potentially unsafe confined space entry usually required to apply the residue - producing solid metal phosphide formulations (tablets, pellets, and dust retaining packaging products). There are no residues generated in the HDS™ application, neither solid nor liquid that would require the potential deactivation and/or disposal procedures and issues associated with solid metal phosphide products. There are no environmental hazards as only hydrogen phosphide is applied, which is readily deactivated by sunlight upon ventilation into the atmosphere. There are no ammonia or CO₂ emissions. The system relies on several safety mechanisms which have been proven safe and effective, even in serious incidents such as the loss of electrical power during the application procedure.

FosfoquimThe Horn Diluphos System™ fumigation application technology has been widely tested and proven in applications to multiple storage facilities and structures, food processing mills, warehouses, flat houses, sea containers, silo bins, steel tanks, ground piles, fumigation chambers, and various other structures in the fumigation of raw agricultural commodities, processed foods, animal feed and feed ingredients, as well as to nonfood ingredients such as wood, dunnage, cotton and tobacco. The HDS equipment has been utilized in over 8000 fruit fumigations in Chile with great success. The HDS is widely used in Argentina, Australia, Chile, New Zealand, Uruguay, and the United States.

There are currently 4 models of the HDS equipment that are configured to meet most fumigation size and application requirements.

Fosfoquim USA, Inc has moved its headquarters from Harrisonburg, Virginia to its new base in Reserve, Louisiana.

For more information please contact Jay Coleman at:
985-536-4932 (Office)

More about the The Horn Diluphos System

The Horn Diluphos System™ is a revolutionary equipment for stored product fumigations in closed spaces, silos, warehouses, sheds, cold storage chambers and adapted reefers containers. This innovative equipment dilutes pure cylindered Phosphine directly with air in a completely safe way.

The safety and simplicity of the operation as well as its efficiency makes of this equipment an necessary tool for the future fumigator.

Phosphine, a well known insecticide Hydrogen phosphide is an ideal product for the protection of stored products. It is known worldwide and used in most countries of the world. It also has a series of advantages over the other fumigating agents. Phosphine kills insects only where these should be killed, in this case, in stored products. Once it is liberated or released to the atmosphere, sun light converts it quickly into phosphoric acid, which has no ecological or environmental effects.


This is an automated system, which allows the dilution of pure phosphine directly with air below the lower flammability limit (LFL), allowing the injection of a mixture of air and phosphine into the fumigation facility without risk of ignition. This system relies on several safety mechanisms, which have been proven safe even in serious incidents such as the loss of electrical power.

To operate the equipment, you only need to connect the equipment to an electric supply, to one nitrogen cylinder and one or more phosphine cylinders. Then, through an LCD screen the equipment will show the operator the steps to follow in a simple manner.